In conjunction with Microsoft, we have established a Trusted Research Environment (TRE) capability that provides approved researchers from trusted organisations with timely and secure access to data.

Our Solution

Our TRE solution is based on readily available Azure resources, packaged to meet research requirements without the complexity, cost or dependency of COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) or SaaS solutions. TRE has been developed in conjunction with Microsoft and they have endorsed our value driven approach. 

Why is it needed for your organisation?


To quickly establish research capability for short to medium term research studies. It will enable the researchers to add right analytical and statistical tools that are required to scale research projects within a trusted environment. 


To secure environments that protects against unauthorised access. Track the use of data, with technical safeguards to ensure that data is accessed securely and the privacy is protected. 


 To scale up and scale down projects quickly and painlessly. Implementation in weeks and flexible access to wide range of research capabilities. 


 Where researchers require menu driven configuration of compute, storage and analysis capabilities. Benefit from pre-built user interface, deployment code, templates, service catalogue items.

TREs provide authorised researchers who have an approved project with access to the data that they require, which is de-identified and provided within a secure environment to perform their analysis and generate research outputs without the risk of disclosing a person’s identity and privacy. 

-Susheel Varma, Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) 

Our approach

Low cost of entry without complexity of major IT set-up

Simple user interface with access to pre-built templates, deployment code and service catalogue items

No prior dependencies on existing IT infrastructure and teams

Value driven model with no recurring chargers. You will own, develop and be able to independently use the platform

Quick implementation within weeks and access to wide range of research capabilities

Monitor costs and track use of data ensuring no breach of privacy