How Use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can stop cyber threats

23rd February, 2023

As businesses continue to adopt cloud technology, the need for robust security solutions becomes increasingly important. One way to ensure the protection of your cloud environment is by implementing Azure Sentinel and Defender.

In this blog, we will discuss the features and capabilities of these solutions and how they can be used to protect your cloud environment.

The use of AI and ML allows for the identification of threats that may have gone undetected by traditional security tools. Additionally, the integration of these solutions allows for a seamless incident response workflow, allowing security teams to quickly respond to and remediate threats.

Another benefit of Azure Sentinel and Defender is their ability to integrate with other security tools. This allows for the collection of data from various sources, providing a more comprehensive view of the security of your cloud environment. 

Additionally, the integration with other security tools allows for a more seamless incident response workflow, as security teams can use the same tools and processes they are already familiar with.