Announcement: Modernising IT Infrastructure using Cloud at Abertay University

6th September, 2021

Abertay University have recently contracted with CoreAzure to deliver an exciting cloud migration programme, that will see the majority of IT services transition to the Microsoft cloud platform - Azure. The programme builds upon their existing use of cloud capabilities including Azure Lab Services which are now being used to support the delivery of teaching and learning in areas such as Cybersecurity.

CoreAzure have worked closely with the University over the last 9 months to develop a successful transition to cloud business case focused on modernising their IT infrastructure by improving resilience, scalability, security posture and taking advantage of innovative digital technologies in the future. The 7-year business case showed a small financial return after taking into consideration a full set of costs that are associated with a move to a hybrid cloud model.

From the outset CoreAzure used their considerable experience of successfully transitioning universities to the cloud to demonstrate how the use of the Microsoft cloud platform could positively impact our IT services. Improving agility, reducing cybersecurity risk and our carbon footprint by decreasing our campus data centre capacity significantly are key objectives of the programme. At the end of the project, we will have a modern, secure IT infrastructure capable of delivering a wide range of innovative digital services to our students and staff.”  

Frazer Greig - Head of IT and Corporate Services.

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