Announcement: UCISA host their new website in Microsoft Azure

29th November, 2019

CoreAzure are delighted to announce that ucisa, the member-led professional body for digital practitioners in education, have partnered with CoreAzure to host their brand new mobile friendly, digitally accessible website in Microsoft Azure. 

The move is the latest stage in ucisa's strategic plan to further strengthen service provision to both member universities and colleges and the digital practitioners working in those institutions. 

Almost all UK Higher Education institutions are ucisa members along with a growing number of Further Education and Sixth Form colleges. Institutional membership automatically grants the benefits of membership of the ucisa community to all staff working within the institution. CoreAzure regularly attend ucisa leadership conferences and roundtables as part of keeping up with the trends and requirements of the market.

Speaking at CISG/PCMG19, ucisa’s flagship conference for members leading corporate & information systems and project & change management in education, CEO Deborah Green said: “the launch of the website and taking direct ownership of all our business activities from December 1st mark a new chapter in the life of ucisa and I would like to thank our current and previous Trustees, whose vision over the past two years has ensured that ucisa’s ambitions are now becoming a reality.

This week’s web launch is thanks to the unswerving dedication of ucisa Deputy Chair, Adrian Ellison and Secretary Paul Butler, who have overseen the project since inception and the unwavering commitment of ucisa team member, Nicola Cutler, whose enthusiasm and hard work have made a significant contribution to this key new resource for our members. 

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation of the close partnership we have enjoyed with our suppliers ActiveIS, Pangaea, CoreAzure and Microsoft throughout this project. We look forward to building on that continuing relationship in phase two of the site’s development." 

We are successfully hosting their website in Azure, which continues to strengthen, not only our relationship with ucisa, but also our growing reputation in helping organisations to deploy Microsoft technologies within Higher Education.

You can see for yourself, check out the brand new ucisa website here

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