Research as a Service in Azure

23rd April, 2020
Webinar: April 2020

WEBINAR: We know how important Research is at your University and that sometimes it can take time to deploy the storage and compute capabilities required to process large amounts of research data. This is why CoreAzure is working alongside Microsoft to bring you a webinar on our Research as a Service (RaaS) offering for UK Universities.

Listen to the Universities that we've worked with, in conjunction with Kings College London and University of Nottingham, we have developed a low-cost solution to provide academics with a cloud-based Research as a Service environment.

We spoke to researchers and IT departments, and created an Azure environment that:

  • Could be provisioned in minutes and hours, not days 
  • Was secure enough to host health-related data and other highly sensitive data assets 
  • Had cost transparency
  • Had secure data import / export capabilities 
  • Could accommodate Azure IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and 3rd party research toolsets
  • Could extend existing research/HPC workloads 
  • Ensured data never leaves the research environment
  • Was securely accessible via any device globally

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