The Warwickshire College Group manages seven colleges in the local area with a faculty of around 1,500 staff for approximately 15,000 students. The group offers more than 1,000 courses over 20 areas of discipline with an A-Level pass rate of 98%.


Education and hands on experience is, by far the best way to learn the tools of Microsoft Azure. CoreAzure led an Azure Foundations programme at Warwickshire College Group (WCG) to provide the technical experience and an Azure infrastructure, connected to their Hybrid environment. WCG were able to develop a new ‘Datacentre-as-a-Service’ to provide a future platform for digital transformation. 


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Warwickshire College Group - Azure Foundations

The challenge

The WCG team were running a traditional IT estate on-premise predominantly at their main campus, but with smaller IT presence across their colleges in the region. They previously had minimal exposure to the Azure platform, but nonetheless were interested in discovering the potential of the platform and uncovering the opportunities to improve their existing IT model. 

WCG were looking to establish an educational grounding in the Azure platform from a hands-on perspective, while setting up an Azure connection, according to best practice, that was capable of moving future workloads to Azure should they wish. 

Our solution

CoreAzure, in conjunction with Microsoft, led the 4-day Azure Foundations programme at the college. This provided WCG staff with a comprehensive understanding of the Azure platform including subscriptions, resource groups, policies, networking, backup and DR, identity and management and monitoring. 

While we were also able to lead the ‘Datacentre-as-a-Service’ aspect of the programme, and establish a secure connection to Azure from WCG's Hybrid environment. 

The last four days has given us a bit more structure and a good basis, going forward, to be able to expand and use the platform. 

Matt Tenannt, Head of IT, Warwickshire College Group.