National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure continues to be one of the most ambitious UK Infrastructure Programmes delivering transformational upgrades to the public transport networks across the country. The sheer scale of this programme has identified a requirement to maintain a steady influx of fresh talent and students into the industry to continue the UK’s ability to service this network in the years to come.


The establishment of the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure in Doncaster and Birmingham has gone a considerable way to plug this gap, and become the ‘flagship skills centre for High Speed Rail’.

They have done so by creating a newly purpose built infrastructure based upon key Microsoft technologies and products such as Azure, Office 365, Windows 10 and Surface. 




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The challenge

In keeping with the college’s agenda to deliver ‘cutting edge’ learning, the technologies incorporated as part of the agreed design showcase the very best in IT provision, leveraging state-of-the-art cloud technologies and hardware from Microsoft.

The CoreAzure solution implemented a ‘Cloud First’ strategy adopted with hosted applications running on the latest Azure based infrastructure and ExpressRoute connectivity. Maximising the potential of key products such as Office 365, Windows 10 and Surface, CoreAzure have enabled innovative pedagogical techniques to inspire students.

The proposed architecture will support multi-region and highly available resilience and back-up for all live workloads using ASR and DPM with integration into PowerBI for intuitive monitoring and proactive resolution.  

Our solution

CoreAzure worked alongside delivery partner KPMG to support the college to get set to launch. The project delivered all stated outcomes and deliverables within the project timescales and allowing the college to open its doors on time. 

The college is now a showcase Microsoft technology site - a greenfield site displaying best practice configuration and deployment for all core Microsoft Cloud-based services providing a fully scalable, resilient and flexible IT infrastructure at minimal ongoing operational cost. 

We are delighted to be working with CoreAzure to deliver our vision for cutting edge, next generation technology. CoreAzure are delivering an end-to-end IT Solution for the College adopting the Microsoft Azure platform throughout. Their experience and innovative approach is a perfect match for our business.

Jon Hewitt, Programme Director, NCHSR