Cloud Readiness Assessment

Any organisation considering cloud adoption needs to understand the challenges they will face when adopting and embracing a new technology platform. 

What to move, how to migrate it, and what value such a potentially significant change could represent to the organisation. Moving to Cloud presents many critical considerations which ultimately impact the success of your cloud implementation. Increasingly organisations come to CoreAzure to assist them in making the first step to cloud.

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Our approach

For many organisations the CRA is the first step on their journey to cloud. We always adopt a collaborative approach, helping to build awareness and engagement with existing teams. Our approach is sub-divided into the following key phases:

  • Analyse and Assess - Establishes a full understanding of the as is environment covering all aspects from technological, financial, risk and business challenges
  • Design - Establish the high-level cloud blue print, migration roadmap and comprehensive business case
  • Justify and Evolve - We socialise and present our recommendations

Key Outputs

A typical Cloud Readiness Assessment provides the following outputs:

  • Audit: a high-level audit of the current infrastructure and applications
  • Options: an options and opportunity assessment of Cloud solutions and delivery scenarios
  • Technical Blueprint: a high-level Technical Blueprint based upon Microsoft Azure for the migration of applications/ infrastructure
  • Readiness Statement: a co-ordinated statement of readiness covering applications, infrastructure, and supporting technologies
  • Technical Debt: an options assessment for applications/infrastructure that cannot be migrated to Cloud
  • Costs & Timescales: indicative costs and timescales for both cloud migration and BAU run costs

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