Azure Sentinel Workshops

Microsoft Azure Sentinel will help you to identify and stop information security threats before they cause harm to your organisation. Azure Sentinel provides a birds-eye view of threats and vulnerabilities across the enterprise. 

Azure Sentinel makes it easy to collect security data from devices, to users, to apps, to servers on any cloud.  It uses the power of artificial intelligence to ensure you are identifying real threats quickly and frees you from the burden of traditional SIEMs by eliminating the need to spend time on setting up, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure. Since it is built on Azure, it offers nearly limitless cloud scale and speed to address your security needs. Traditional SIEMs have also proven to be expensive to own and operate, often requiring you to commit upfront and incur high cost for infrastructure maintenance and data ingestion. With Azure Sentinel there are no upfront costs, you pay for what you use.

Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster, and eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance overheads, and scale to meet your security needs - while reducing IT costs.

Start your Azure Sentinel journey with a practical hands-on workshop from CoreAzure.

How it works

It’s simple, CoreAzure provide an on-site workshop led by a member of our cyber security and cloud practice teams.  

Our collaborative workshop includes an in-depth demonstration of Azure Sentinel designed to work alongside your in-house team to show how; 

  • Cloud-native SIEM services let you focus on security operations rather than infrastructure setup and maintenance tasks
  • Built-in advanced analytics capabilities help you discover complex threats and accelerate threat responses
  • Integrated automation and orchestration simplifies your security operations and increases productivity of your employees.

Collaboration is encouraged throughout the session with time allowed for to discuss and answer questions on either the product itself or its impact on the security posture of your organisation.

What do you get?

Following the workshop, the CoreAzure delivery team provide you with a proposal encompassing your next steps to establishing an action plan for your Azure Sentinel environment;

  • Develop and propose options for an initial Proof of Concept
  • Formulate deployment and runs costs
  • Construct a tailored project plan for deployment designed to address your needs and information risk profile 
  • Establish ongoing support options post deployment designed to help you make the most of the Sentinel capability

Get started

To start the conversation around your cloud journey, please contact CoreAzure and make an enquiry about our discovery workshops.