Establish and support remote working capabilities

Given the current climate, many organisations will have an immediate need to provide remote working capabilities for their staff who are now working from home.

With this in mind we wanted to draw your attention to funding streams that are available from Microsoft which will contribute to the costs of establishing highly scalable, robust, secure, remote working solutions which CoreAzure can quickly make available to your staff.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktop in the cloud (WVD) provides users with a full Windows 10 desktop experience in the cloud. It is accessed via a web browser which means your users can gain access via their existing personal devices including tablet, laptop and desktop PCs.

Subject to clarification, Microsoft is willing to provide a financial contribution to establishing this important capability.


WVD is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service running in the cloud. It presents a user’s desktop via any modern browser.

WVD is being used by a range of UK universities to assist students, staff and researchers gain access to specialist applications that otherwise are only accessible from on-campus labs.


It’s the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Remote Desktop Services environments.

It can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, and it comes with built-in security and compliance features.  

For students and teachers:

Native Azure features including VMs with GPU acceleration are providing access to specialist and demanding maths, science, media and gaming applications.

The platform is helping to deal with the inequalities and disadvantages between students by providing a standard managed remote desktop solution accessible from a range of end-user devices

Benefiting Universities, Staff and Students:

WVD has many benefits when compared to other remote desktop platforms;

  • Like all Azure-based services, you only pay for what you use
  • Management overheads are minimised because the management plane is PaaS-based
  • The built-in security features provide a platform that your organisation and users can trust

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