Azure Landing Zone - Free Workshop Offering

A Landing Zone is a fundamental building block of your Microsoft Cloud adoption strategy and establishes an Azure environment that accounts for and underpins scalability, security, governance, networking, and identity. Azure Landing Zones enable application migration, modernization and innovation at an enterprise-scale level. 

CoreAzure specialises in working with organisations to ensure that the Landing Zone topology is designed appropriately and that we help you to avoid the all to common pitfalls of getting that approach wrong. We help you to align the Landing Zone design with an Azure Roadmap and organisational strategy for a wider hybrid cloud services adoption.   

CoreAzure has successfully designed and built around 40 Landing Zone environments across a range of public and private sector organisations. 

Our approach focusses on; 

  • The development of standard conceptual architectures and designs 
  • The Microsoft Virtual Datacentre, hub and spoke topology 
  • Value for money based on automation, re-usable templates, scripts and design artefacts 
  • Common design variables which exploit native Azure capabilities 

With CoreAzure, you can learn more about the Azure Landing Zone concepts and help us to determine an approach that is right for your organisation.   

Sign-up and you will be able to engage CoreAzure free of charge to deliver a Landing Zone workshop that will assist you in developing an understanding of your requirements and a high-level implementation roadmap aligned to your organisation’s cloud adoption strategy (if you have one).